Latest Version: 3.7 Final 20 December 2018

String Polyfills and Extensions

JavaScript's String object is expanded by Elementals for a few handy methods, and a polyfills are provided for number of ECMAScript 262-5 functions.

String Elementals Extended Methods

String Polyfills

The following are linked to the Mozilla Developer Network pages as I find them easier to digest than the official specification, and because these polyfills are loosly based on the code provided on their site. I simply cut out some parts that seemed... nonsensical.

String Elementals Extended Properties

Current Value : 0x0FFFFFF0
The longest string length that is safe to use across all browsers. This is NOT the actual number for your current browser (though in the future it may be) but is instead meant as a reminder of the lowest common denominator.

Elementals String Methods

Elementals Extensions


These link to the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

Property Key

  • Object
  • Method or Variable
  • "Constant" Variable