Latest Version: 2.0 RC 3 14 March 2017

Method _.uSortRestore


When passed a UL, OL, or TBODY that has already been sorted by _.uSortElement this method will return that element to its original sort state. If it has not been sorted by that method, no action is taken.

NOTE, if you pass it a non UL, OL, or TBODY element, this method will throw a typeError halting JavaScript execution.

Calling Convention:
A TBODY, UL, or OL type Element object that you wish to restore to its original order.

Live Examples

The live demo's for _.uSortElement include buttons in their code demonstration how to use _.uSortRestore. These demo's are also included in the distribution archive.

  1. Sorting a UL or OL
  2. Sorting a table body